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Sewa Kapal Phinisi Labuan Bajo | KM Lamima 7 Cabin Kapasitas 14 Orang


        Lamima, the world’s largest Phinisi ever built sails to the most remote lands of Indonesia and Myanmar. The beautiful and ultimate Indonesian yacht proudly brings its guests to the untouched, hidden, serene, and authentic spots less traveled.
        Our team of experts will take you beyond your preconceived idea of travel about exotic destinations. We will allow you to celebrate culture and tradition in its purest form thru immersions in local villages, gastronomic treat, the untold stories of arts, and the preserved beauty of nature.

        Secluded bays and lagoons are tucked away in the archipelagos. Some are too shallow to allow a deep-keeled vessel to enter and so have never been visited by foreigners, but Lamima’s jet-propelled tender enable her passengers to explore and photograph these hidden jewels.
        The tenders also enable guests to explore ashore, in fact, there is no limit to the excursions, watersports and activities you will be able to enjoy while cruising these pristine waters with Lamima.
When the allure of the daytime activities wanes come back on board to revitalize, refuel, enjoy a massage or surrender to a spa treatment before getting ready for the romance of an evening afloat under a starry tropical sky.

        Experience the exhilarating speed of a wakeboard towed behind Lamima’s jet-propelled tender or the thrill of a jet ski skimming over the sapphire surface of a lagoon.
        However, if you are more of a meditative traveler, you may be happier to revitalize your spirit gliding through the sunset on a stand-up paddleboard or drifting slowly along in one of our Jukungs (Indonesian canoes). Whether you choose to snorkel a lagoon’s underwater delight, speed away over its surface or paddle around its edges, you can be sure that every item of watersport equipment aboard Lamima meets the most stringent safety regulations.
  • 2 x Yamaha Jet Skis
  • 1 X tender 10,2 m (440 HP Jet drive), 1 X tender 7m (100 HP outboard), and 1 X tender 5 m (40 HP outboard)
  • Diving and snorkeling gear for 14 guests (PADI instructor, PADI Certification, Bauer Nitrox compressor)
  • 1 x Wakeboard
  • 1 x Water Ski set
  • 6 x Stand-up Paddleboards
  • 6 x Surf Boards
  • 2 x two-person Sea Kayaks
  • 2 x Jukungs (Indonesian canoes)
  • Inflatable toys: Big banana, O’Brien Mapple
Excursions / Flora & Fauna
        Immerse yourself with the local culture and tradition of Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Thailand, and Myanmar. Our cruise guide will lead you to discover an authentic local community with their ancestral art craft.
        Having access to Lamima’s state-of-the-art equipment also makes shore excursions easy. Take time out to beach bum isolated shorelines, enter unexplored caves or observe native fauna and flora at your leisure.
        Our experienced local cruise guide will lead you to view the wildlife and flora, sharing his knowledge and insight into the delicate balance of coexistence between humans and nature.
        Guests who travel with us to Komodo and Flores will also have the opportunity to view the world’s largest species of carnivorous lizard, the Komodo Dragon, in its native habitat and local culture.

        No luxury cruise is worthy of the name unless it affords ample opportunity for relaxation. Lamima’s ensuite cabins are so well-equipped for your every comfort that you may be tempted to take up residence there. But if you want to enjoy the tropical breezes, you could venture outside where luxurious private day beds, shaded by a fabric bimini, invite you to enjoy the ambiance and the passing scenery.
        Venturing a deck higher you will find the area forward of the pilot-house, it is also dedicated to inactivity. Let time stand still while you sunbathe or simply lounge here with a book from Lamima’s library. Each morning at sunrise you will be able to join Koko, our Masseuse/yoga instructor for a Yoga session before breakfast.
        If you seek solitude or the need arises for a private tête-à-tête, a small zone of comfort and intimacy has been designed far forward on the main deck at the base of the bowsprit.
        Whether under sail or at anchor beneath the stars, Lamima’s guests will delight in the sheer pleasure of doing nothing other than turn the pages of a book, sleep, chat or contemplate the joys of living the dream.

Rp. 322.000.000Komodo National Park & Raja Ampat

  • Komodo Area : Minimum of 3 Nights Cruise
  • Raja Ampat Area & Other : Minimum of 7 Nights Cruise

Lamima offers the only fully-inclusive rate in the industry. Private charter rate includes:
  • Use of all water sports equipment including 2 jet skis, wake board, water ski, 6 stand up paddle boards, 2 sea kayaks, 2 Indonesian canoes, snorkeling equipment for 14 guests, 6 surf boards and inflatable toys (banana boat and O’brien maple).
  • Scuba Diving including all equipment for 14 guests and nitrox refill (on-board 1 dive instructor and 1 dive master).
  • Use of 3 tenders (1 RIB 11m 440 HP jet drive, 1 RIB 7 m with 100 HP outboard and 1 RIB 5 m with 40 HP).
  • All gourmet meals, drinks (soft drinks, juices), and alcoholic beverages*.
  • Unlimited massages & beauty treatment (on-board 2 masseuses).
  • Fitness equipment including free weights, spinning machine and TRX.
  • Morning yoga session with one of our masseuses who is as well yoga instructor.
  • Personal laundry
  • Airport/Hotel transfers
  • Insurance for all activities while onboard, including diving
  • Immigration and cruise permit (for Thailand/Myanmar cruises)
  • Park entrance fees, boat clearance fees, excursions fees, and guide fees
  • All taxes and fuel charges
  • Crew gratuities: Entirely to the discretion of the guests
  • Expenses due to a situation beyond our control included but not limited to flight cancellation or flight delay
  • Scuba Dive PADI certification (available upon request)

Untuk Informasi Pemesanan Hubungi 
Website: parahu.com 
WhatsApp: 0858-6332-7660

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